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Our Product Design & Development Services

We help you Develop any Industrial / Consumer Products as per your ideas and requirements. Our expertise covers the domains of Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Instrumentation, IoT and Cloud Platforms.  Our 18 Years of experience in the field of Product Development guarantees the most Practical & Economical solutions to your requirements. Please let us know your requirements, we will be happy to assist you. Following are our some of Designs & Products. Please feel free to explore  our products and designs. Reach us for your  product design.


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Our Award Winning ‘Solar-Bot’ is a finest example of our technical prowess in the field of Robotics Product Development. Since 1998, our team is actively involved in Robotics Development and we have developed many robots useful in the field of Agriculture, Solar Farms, Industrial and Defense. Let us know your specific requirement, so that we can offer our best custom built Robot Design including Drones and Ground Based Robotic Platform.

We also pioneer the art of Smart Automation. Our domains of expertise include, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Process Automation, and Hydroponics Automation.

We are pleased to offer cutting-edge technologies like IoT & Cloud Based Smart Products to our customers at an affordable cost and a quick turn-around time.

 Please feel free to contact us for all your requirements. We will be happy to assist you with our expert services and solutions.

IoT & Cloud Based Systems​​​

We pioneer the art of Telemetry. Be it  IOT based Products or Cloud based infrastructure network.,

we help you develop any product to suit your own ideas. Our Patented* & fully indigenous Water Run-Off Monitoring System has won praises from World Bank for our easy to use and practical design solutions.

Our devices are helping Agri-Scientists and Hydrologists monitor and study the Rain Pattern and resulting Water Run-Off data for scientific analyses.

We take pride in providing an sophisticated but rugged easy to use solutions to our scientist that help our farmers and society in general.

The picture here shows our product at study site near Raichur, Karnataka. India.

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Industrial Electronics Systems​

Industrial Electronics Systems​

Our clients feel empowered with our custom built products to solve their specific industrial requirements. We also help our clients to develop any custom built Industrial, Automotive, Domestic and Consumer product as per their ideas and requirements.

Our ‘Math-Magic’, ‘IoT Valve’, ‘IoT Timer’, ‘Smart Counter’, ‘Virus-Blaster’, are few examples of our expertise in the field of Industrial Product Designs & Solutions.

Reach us for any of your dream product design work and we will be help you with our impeccable expertise and practical design services.

Right from simple Electronics Systems to Complex Embedded, ML, AI and Robotics systems are designed and developed by our team with a passion and flair for technology.

We strive to make our every product most user-friendly and commercially viable solutions for every need and specification.