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We pioneer the art of Automation. Be it Industrial Automation, Home Automation or Process Automation, our expert team will help you achieve the same in most practical & affordable budget. Our impeccable expertise and expereince in the field of Automation spans over 18+ years.
We have in-house R&D facility to provides you a customised Solutions for Industries, Home, Hydroponics, Farms and other Process Automation. Plese feel free to discuss with our experts for your specific requirements.




Industrial Automation

We pioneer the art of Industrial Automation since 1998. We offer simple to Product counters to sophisticated Cloud Based Automaton Service.

Our domains of expertise includes Electronic, Mechanical and Pneumatic Automation Services. We also offer cloud based Telemetry, ML and IoT based services for your Industrial & Process Automation requirements.

Contact us for your any specific requirement of Automation, we’ll be happy to assist you with our impeccable expertise and experience.

With our deep subject knowledge & expertise, we have developed many devices & systems that help automate all critical aspects of Hydroponics Farm Automation. Our team has deep understanding of the Hydroponics Farming and other forms of farming. So are best positioned to automate all form s of farming including Hydroponics and Aquaponics. Reach us to know more about the possibilities to simplify and automate your Hydroponics & Farming Automation requirements.  Our domains of expertise extends to Farm Management, Warehouse Management & Security Management also.

Hydroponics Automation


Home Automation

Be it Automating your Lighting, Water Pump or even Automated Gate, we can help you simplify and automate routes of a Home.  Our Smart Home Automation Solutions include virtual assistants  like Amazon Alexa,  Apple Siri & Google Voice Assistant.  So just talk to your appliances & automate.Our advanced solutions also include Home Security Management like  RFID Based Gate Control, Fingerprint Based Entry, and Cloud Based CCTV Security Systems.  We also expertise in Time / Event Based Control Systems like Porch Lights, Geyser and  AC Control.  Contact us for custom solutions.